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Hermes Recycling handles the export and import of plastic materials, it also deals in recyclable materials in the EU. Since the beginning, Hermes Recycling has been proficient in reducing waste that is harmful to the environment, particularly the waste that is difficult to handle for municipal dumps. The company's approach to recycling shows a considerable change in the way of thinking about cooperation with the society. The collection of waste is now carried out right at the source without the need to rebuild the environment – as it happened previously.

By initiating the proper sorting of waste purchased from companies, Hermes Recycling fills the gap between the companies that produce waste and those which remove it from a city.

The company satisfies the demand for recyclable materials, especially for metals and plastic materials. It has necessary resources, contacts (trust of the company's contractors), experience and deep insight into the market.

Hermes Recycling makes waste trading a priority among its activities, it also fills the gap on the market by means of forming a truly professional company that handles waste recovery and recycling. The undeniable strengths of the company are as follows:


  • Experience in this branch of industry.
  • Competent company management.
  • Well adjusted systems of waste collection.
  • Guarantee of the legality of service.
  • Coherent logistics system, starting with the place of waste production, through waste purchase, processing and recirculation, to waste reuse.
  • Own transport service
  • Highly qualified personnel


All the merchandise we offer is thoroughly tested (by means of machines manufactured by the best producers) and provided in an easy-to-transport form (bales, rollers, packs, granulated materials).

Hermes Recycling is looking forward to cooperating with companies that deal in materials coming from recycling. We are also looking forward to contacting producers who use plastics (PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, PC, PMMA, PA) and non-ferrous metals in the production process.

Yet another company profile, aimed at the communes and private companies, started out of concern for the environment, consists in providing the customer with consulting services in the field of waste management. We established cooperation with country communes in our territory – which is why farmers from those communes may fully benefit from subsidies (by providing us with their plastics post-production waste).

In order to meet social expectations, we are looking forward to cooperation with local governments, public administration, cleaning services and individual suppliers.

One of the principles of the company's policy is to create a stable base of recipients and suppliers – domestic as well as international ones. International contractors are offered favourable agreement terms that are negotiated individually; moreover, they are provided with professional service of the company's export department (consisting of specialists who are fluent in English), and all essential certificates. For the EU territory, we offer short delivery dates by means of land or sea transport.