#Hermes Recycling sp. z o.o. (LLC), was established in its contemporary legal framework in September 1995, on the basis of Hermes Recykling. The company's main profile was initially built around dealing in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In the same year, the company was granted a concession from the Ministry of Industry and Trade to purchase and process non-ferrous metals.
- Experience in this branch of industry
- Competent company management
- Well adjusted systems of waste collection
- Guarantee of the legality of service
Yet another company profile, aimed at the communes and private companies, started out of concern for the environment, consists in providing the customer with consulting services in the field of waste management. We established cooperation with country communes in our territory - which is why farmers from those communes may fully benefit from subsidies...
Since the beginning, Hermes Recycling has been proficient in reducing waste that is harmful to the environment, particularly the waste that is difficult to handle for municipal dumps. The company's approach to recycling shows a considerable change in the way of thinking about cooperation with the society.
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